What’s in a name?           

Precog – Predicting the future (as in “Minority Report”); Nx -  leveraging math to create, measure and manage those predictions

Our Approach:

We are a big data, IOT consulting firm with world class expertise and proven success.  Our unique approach:


“Get busy livin’ or get busy dying!” – Andy Dufresne, Shawshank Redemption 

Most companies don’t know it but it comes down to that simple choice in business today.  They can stay the same and watch their margins and customers erode away as their global competition finds new ways to innovate.  Alternatively, they can set their course toward open waters and big ideas validated by data science.

Evolutionary Innovation or Revolutionary Innovation, which do you choose?

Today, most companies are focused on small, evolutionary innovations.  Take something fast, make it faster.  Take something small, make it smaller.   These changes might make additional revenue but they won’t maximize the organization’s potential.  Revolutionary Innovation is a company-wide discipline that is supported by leveraging all of the knowledge in and around the organization.  Give the right people, the right information at the right time and amazing things can happen.   Billion dollar ideas start with Revolutionary Innovation!

Data Science… defined.

Data science is the practice of deriving valuable insights from data.  Data science is emerging to meet the challenges of processing very large data sets i.e. “Big Data” consisting of structured, unstructured or semi-structured data that large enterprises produce.  A domain at center stage of data science is the explosion of new data generated from smart devices, web, mobile and social media.  Data science requires a versatile skill-set.  Many practicing data scientist commonly specialize in specific domains such as marketing, medical, security, fraud and finance fields.  However, data scientists rely heavily upon elements of statistics, machine learning, text retrieval and natural language processing to analyze data and interpret results.

PRECOGNX Data Scientists are business impact and results driven.  We look for Revolutionary Innovation in all that we do to help our clients maximize the value of what they do for their customers, partners and shareholders.

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